In a world with rapidly changing demographics and a more diverse workforce than ever, companies need to understand diversity issues and their impact on products, services, and job satisfaction. Mixed Nation facilitates consulting and training for professional teams to interact, understand, and appreciate the diverse people represented in their workplace. Mixed Nation’s diversity & inclusion consulting and training guides companies to be inclusive and to approach all employees and customers with respect.




Training Outline:
– Discover Your Diverse Workplace
– Inclusive Language Guide
– Break Down Bias and Stereotypes
– Utilize Your Company’s Diversity to Maximize Workforce Potential
– Build Cultural Competency Within Your Workplace

MN Diversity Training Certificate
– Certificate for Office Display
– Online Badge for Website Display

Highlight Promo Video
– Testimonial video showcasing your employee’s reactions to our diversity training session (for internal and external promotional usage).

Our diversity training is custom created to fit your business needs. We are able to work with companies of all sizes. You may opt for a series of ongoing training sessions or a single comprehensive training session.



We have worked closely with many companies, large and small, to help further their diversity & inclusion initiatives.